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Improving our video quality!

abril 04, 2017

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans!

As some of you may know, nowadays we’re replacing our HQ formats, so now you can’t find them on our website. Why? Well, we’ve never done this if there isn’t a good reason for that. Let us explain. 🙂

First, the difference between the medium quality and the high one is quite imperceptible, as you can see in the picture below. Remember that bitrate is not synonymous of quality, but size. However, it’s faster for you to donwload and it saves space in your devices. So now, you get almost the same quality, but in a lighter video.

High vs Medium

Second, if we’ve done this is because we’re re-encoding all our videos with the best codec on the market: VP9 (aka “libvpx”). You may didn’t heard about it, but it’s the same codec that Netflix or Youtube use, so it can’t be bad, isn’t it? This format will improve quality in a way you can not imagine at the same time as reducing the size significantly. And that’s a win-win situation 🙂

If you’re a techie and you want to know more about this fascinating codec and why is it better than the old one, you can read this article, this or this.

Meanwhile, our girls will await for you to make you have a “high quality time” by their side. So don’t make them wait so much!



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