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Full sex in VR Gay

Full sex in VR Gay with Duncan Sheen

Full sex in VR Gay starring by Duncan Sheen! Some time ago, those people who invest money in collecting any kind of object seemed a bit extravagant to you. Whether they are watches, cars, shoes or stamps. But, after earning

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Double blowjob in VR Gay

Double blowjob in VR Gay with Nick and Denny

Double blowjob in VR Gay starring by Nick Vargas and Denny Chris! Today’s the big day: your wedding. You’ve never been so sure about something as about this, so having cold feet isn’t an option. Still, there are some things

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Amazing threesome in VR Gay

Amazing threesome in VR Gay with Max and Duncan

Amazing threesome in VR Gay starring by Max Born and Duncan Sheen! When you met Max Born, your best friend’s, Duncan Sheen, stepfather, you felt some kind of attraction for him. We could say it was a crush. That’s why,

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Doggy Style in VR Gay

Doggy style in VR Gay with Rick Palmer

Doggy Style in VR Gay starring by Rick Palmer! You have always been quite sceptic when it comes to having a roommate but, for financial reasons, you ended up sharing an apartment with Rick Palmer, a very sensual blond twink.

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Amazing VR Gay missionary

Amazing VR Gay missionary with Wolf and Joe

Amazing VR Gay missionary starring by Wolf Rayet and Joe Gillis! When we think on the relationship we would like to have, we think about Wolf Rayet and Joe Gillis. Reaching that kind of intimacy where, without saying a word,

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VR Gay Blowjob

VR Gay blowjob with Jeffrey Lloyd

VR Gay blowjob starring by Jeffrey Lloyd! One of the many things you can find on the internet is the perfect prank for April Fool’s Day: slipping a Viagra pill into your roommate’s, Jeffrey Lloyd, candy jar. But, for all

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Gay boyfriend VR sex

Gay boyfriend VR sex with Angel Cruz

Gay boyfriend VR sex starring by Angel Cruz Nearly every time Australian Open is about to start you get the tennis fever: you dust off your rackets, book a tennis court and tell your boyfriend, Angel Cruz, to play a

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VR Gay office sex

VR Gay office sex with Dmitry Osten

VR Gay office sex starring by Dmitry Osten. You know that, when you start working, you have to do it as an apprentice. That means getting the coffees and taking the jokes, such as making you believe there was going

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VR Gay Massage

VR Gay Massage with Rigo Vega

VR Gay Massage starring by Rico Vega. When you become an adult, you realize you can’t have everything in life. But that was before the rise of the Internet and VR Porn. These days you can be watching a cooking tutorial

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American VR gay cowboy

American VR gay cowboy position

American VR gay cowboy position with Michael DelRay. Winning someone over is always difficult for you. The “shag part” is ok, after all the videos watched on VirtualRealGay you are more than a subject-matter expert, but the previous step of

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