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Improving our video quality!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! As some of you may know, nowadays we’re replacing our HQ formats, so now you can’t find them on our website. Why? Well, we’ve never done this if there isn’t a good reason for that.

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VR videos with scale and 3D problems corrected!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! Our development team is always working to improve the system in order to offer you the most immersive experience. Now the videos that had scale and 3D problems in the past are already corrected. These

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binaural gear vr

Now you can enjoy the best sound in your Gear VR also in streaming!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! Today we have great news for all of you who enjoy our Virtual Reality porn videos in a Gear VR! As you know, our development team is always working on improve the system in order to make

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Streaming VR Gay porn

Stream your favourite VR Porn videos! Now, faster than ever!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! Having sex in real life may take some time. In Virtual Reality, it doesn’t. Why? cause today we have great news for all you guys. Our streaming service is now better than ever. The results should not

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VirtualRealPlayer, now supporting HTC Vive!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! Today, we are really excited to announce that now, VirtualRealPlayer is fully compatible with the new headset on the market, the HTC Vive. Once again, we’ve united passion, innovation and tons of work to be the first ones launching the latest

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Pay with Major Brand Gift cards in VirtualRealGay now!

Hi everyone! Now you can pay with Major Brand Gift cards like Starbucks, Target, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and many more brands! Enjoy the best and most immersive Virtual Reality Gay porn with total anonymity. Pay with Major Brand Gift cards in VirtualRealGay

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