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Archive for March, 2016

Matt Anders waits for you in an insanely hot VR gay porn scene!

Hi, VR gay porn fans! Our new video is going to be right on your must-see list! And that’s because just one reason: the insanely hot Matt Anders. Because in “Talking with Matt”, he may look like an impeccable hot man on

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Big Kiiroo update and VirtualRealPlayer v0.7.8 beta release!

Hello everyone! We have released a new patch version of VirtualRealPlayer along with Kiiroo Onyx compatibility for a lot of videos! Please, download the latest version HERE In this patch, some videos are now compatible with Kiiroo. We have also fixed

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Take the tough Martin Mazza in a new VR gay porn scene!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans!! How are you doing? Do you need to relax? Do you feel horny? Well, we bring you exactly what you need, so come on and get your VR headset right now! In “My bricklayer” you find

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Amazing reviews!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans! There are a lot of websites which have echoed of our work, that’s why we’d like to pay a few words on some of them. Here you can read our review on Here, on

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