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Sex Porn Photo Fisting time

Fisting and VR Gay Porn, a perfect mix starring Ashley Ryder

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! You are playing a game of “Truth or Dare” with Ashley Ryder. We don’t need to tell you how these games normally end up, especially if you throw a couple of beers into the mix. So you

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Black Week Extended

Black Friday special offer extended for 48h! Enjoy de best gay porn in VR!

Hi VR Gay Porn fans! Oh, oh… It seems that you’re one of those who wait up until the last minute to do things. We get it; it’s been a really busy week, full of special offers and crazy shopping.

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Sex Porn Photo Thanksgiving stuffing

Grab your Virtual Reality Headset and enjoy our gay porn Thanksgiving special video in VR!

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! Martín Mazza is the king of gay porn in VR, and he proves it by far on our Thanksgiving special video. Today, my dear friend, you are going to stuff something else apart from the turkey all

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Black Week Offer 2017

More VR Gay Porn than you can handle… Take advantage of our special Black Friday offer!

Hi VR Gay Porn fans! November stands for Black Friday. One of our favourite days of the year, the perfect moment to push the boat out without any regrets: dirt cheap Virtual Reality Headsets, game consoles, TVs… Who are we

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Sex Porn Photo Play on the beat

Hot dark Jeffrey Lloyd is waiting for you on this new gay solo in VR

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! Sometimes, practicing is as important as knowing how to blow off steam. And that’s the case with hot dark Jeffrey Lloyd; he may not be the best drummer in the world, but he knows how to relax

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Porn Sex Photo Thor

Let Thor prove the strength of his hammer on this tribute to Marvel in VR!

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! Throughout the ages, the gods of Marvel Universe have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos… Now! Great Thor, Ashley Ryder to friends, shows up at your front door to prove the true power of his hammer.

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Halloween Special Offer

Halloween Special Offer! It will make you screeeeaaaam… of pleasure!

Hi, VR Gay Porn fans Halloween is already here! And, as good horror movies geeks we are, it’s one of our favourite days of the year. I wish you enjoy with this special Halloween offer so money isn’t an excuse

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Today, VirtualRealGay donates 10% of profits to figh agains Breast Cancer

VirtualRealGay would be nothing without all women who work on and behind the scenes; that is why we support them on the different battles they face everyday. Cancer being one of the most severe. On the 19th of October, World Breast

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Sex Porn Photo OMG! Yes

Polish striking brunet Kayden Gray masturbates just for you!

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! Are you feeling lonely today? Polish striking brunet Kayden Gray is always great company. Not quite because he has an interesting conversation or because he’s good at listening. Nope. As soon as you see his perfect body

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Sex Porn Photo Not your boyfriend

Andrei Adam is waiting for you on this new Gay Porn experience in Virtual Reality!

Hi,VR Gay Porn fans! Andrei Adam isn’t your boyfriend, but he’s fit as fuck. That should be reason enough to let him bang every single hole on your body. And, since you are no fool, that’s exactly what you’re about to

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