Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay

January 20, 2022

Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay

Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay with Edgar Adams, Mario Black, and Joker El

Mario Black wants you and Joker El to fill up his ass and mouth at the same time.

Mario Black had enough of you and your friend, Joker El. The three of you are supposed to chill around together, but Joker and you are glued to your phones. The bearded brunette exactly knows what to do to make the both of you put down your phones. Without wasting any more time, Mario gets on his knees and gives your stiff rod a mind-blowing blowjob. Joker can’t resist joining the fun once he sees Mario giving you a head. He takes off his jeans and lets Mario have a taste of his shaft. The hot brunette alternately blows you and Joker before offering his tight behind. 

You bang the naughty lad on the couch while Joker facefucks him. Mario can’t hide the feeling of delight in his moans as he gets spitroasted by you and Joker. For him, there is no greater joy than hanging out with his two hot friends and engaging in a jaw-dropping threesome. Mario continues to take the sensual oral and anal poundings like a champ in doggystyle, cowboy, and reverse cowboy. The hairy stud and you continue to pound into Mario’s behind and mouth until you both feel like you are about to cum. Mario excitedly opens his mouth and receives the warm cum all over his lips and handsome face. 

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Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay

Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay


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Spitroasting a Hot Brunette in VR Gay

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