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Spider-Man's secret
Spider-Man's secret

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OMG Yes!

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About Kayden Gray

Even though you don't know much about Poland, there is a sightseeing you should know, and of course see: Kayden Gray. This East European gay porn actor started in 2013 making his first movie for the production company Eurocream, and so far has made more than a hundred movies which guarantee you a hundred cums. It is true that seeing his big blue eyes, six pack, and 1.83 cm tall are the reasons why you cannot stop having adventures with this hunky. But, definitely his great 8.9 inch talent fucking in cowboy position is also another great motive that makes him one of the most wanted on Gay VR Porn. Four years after his start in the gay porn business, he made his two first scenes that are still the most wanted on the web. We're not the best at making VR Porn cosplay videos, but we do know how make you enjoy your "me-times" like never before. Proof of that was Sprider Man’s Secret, Gray’s first vr sex scene that he shared with the Spanish well gifted Gabriel Lunna, and that shows that superheroes make happy endings come true. A few months after having made his first adventure for VirtualRealGay, Kayden returned in October 2017 for a private solo scene in OMG YES!. An experience that started in the shower and ended up in bed watching him on your PSVR Porn while he masturbated his erect cock. The irony of this is that despite having bathed, he will feel so dirty that he will have to take a shower again. And the good thing about it is that you will have the opportunity to cum again with him... or as many times as you want.
Gender Male
Date of birth 03/12/1984
Country Poland
Eyes color Blue-gray
Hair color Blond
Blog / Web
Penis size L

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