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Tutti frutti
Tutti frutti

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About Logan Moore

If the first time you discovered this blonde European gay porn actor was in 2009, you surely heard about his "Dancinity." Just like PSY has his Gangam Style, Logan has such an exciting way of “shacking what his mamma gave him” that received its own name, the "Dancinity." It became so famous that in 2014, when he was 27 years old, Lucas Entertainment called him to make his first movie with the sexy Theo Ford, and well, the rest is gay porn history. With over 135 movies, one hotter than the other, this 1.85cm tall Dutch is one of the most wanted in the gay porn business for his blue piercing eyes, his size L cock, his six pack, his rock hard ass that looks simple sight, and of course his great talent doing the missionary postion. In June 2016 it was our turn to try his “bon bon” in a double Gay VR Porn scene. There are times in life that are so epic that no matter how much time has passed, they are impossible not to repeat on loop in any VR headset. That was exactly what happened when we put two sex bombs together: the Hungarian Darius Ferdynand, and of course Moore in two VirtualRealGay experiences that they are the definition of multiple orgasm. Logan's first time was just when he had a Match with Darius, and they both decided to go on a date at the pool. Needless to say, it happened what we all were expecting to happened when two Greek Gods of Olympus get together: a fuck in the reverse cowboy position by the pool. The second time these two decided to try their trunks again it was in full summer, where the only way to make the heat more bearable is eating fruits, and releasing toxins by fucking in the doggy style in Tutti Frutti. You will think that all these plots were meant to see this blonde European gay porn actor shirtless, and yes it's true. Who wouldn't want to see his smokin 'hot body sweating while smoothing out your pecs? Or feel his huge penis penetrate your ass in a VR Gay Porn while touching your erect penis? Or perhaps, see him in a solo scene wanking his hard cock after a cold water bath in the pool in Swimmer? Everybody! As if it had not been enough, in December 2016 we decided to experiment with science, and see what would happen if in a VR gay sex scene we got together three hot bodies: Logan Moore, Josh Milk and Timmy Treasure. The result was an explosion of cumshots in a threesome that will make you want to celebrate many parties at your house in Hush from now on. Just as his debut on our website was more than epic, Moore also wanted to welcome Latino gay porn actor Angel Cruz in the same way. For that reason, in 2018 they both starred in The Hot Move, a get together that will make your “me time” last longer than normal. What can be more exciting than seeing a man in uniform? Maybe Logan Moore dressed as a fire fighter using his long hose? Precisely his visit to your house was not to make a 2021 calendar (which of course would not be a bad idea) but to give you a very wet blowjob in Turn Off My Fire. Are you ready to give his “Dancinity” a try on Gay VR Porn?
Gender Male
Date of birth 04/04/1987
Country Netherlands
Eyes color Blue
Hair color Blond
Blog / Web
Penis size L
Tattoo Yes

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