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Scientific wild party
Scientific wild party

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Hot alone
Hot alone

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About Viktor Rom

No matter how long it takes, this Latino gay porn actor will always be at the top of the most wanted on any internet site. With a height of 1.90 cm, a cock size of 8.7 inches, and a muscular body, this Venezuelan has not stopped making all sexual fantasies come true, and giving you various reasons so that you have more than one "me time" a day. When he was 27 he made his first film for the Dark Room production company. And since then he has made more than 200 videos (in every possible way, of course), and has directed 10 films as a director. With this resume, we couldn't wait to see his enormous talent on VR Gay Porn. In 2018 he made his first scene for VirtualRealGay: a threesome with the European blonde Matthew Anders, and sexy Latino Ken Summers demonstrating that the best party is the Scientific Wild Party. Of course, none of the three left this get together until checking the number of times they could cum in a vr sex scene. Answer? Multiple times. Without much time to lose, we decided to do another PSVR Porn adventure with Viktor, but this time alone in Hot Alone. He only needed one room, have different dildos on hand, and 25 minutes to show you everything he could do with his cock. And we discovered why in the beginning they called him Viktor XXL.
Gender Male
Date of birth 21/06/1980
Country Venezuela
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Brown
Blog / Web
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes

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