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Long Time No See PART I
Long Time No See PART I

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The Naked Chef
The Naked Chef

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Once you see his size M cock in your Oculus Quest 2 it is Impossible not to continue fantasizing about this 1.73 cm tall Spanish gay porn actor. Very unlike other models in the porn business, the beginning of Santoro was later than expected, proving that you don't need to have a specific age to do what you want. In 2019 when he started shooting movies for the production company Kristen Bjorn, we did not lose sight of the talent of this hunky brunette doing the most wet and hot blowjobs. As expected, that same year we contacted him to make his first video on VR Gay Porn. Just like it is impossible not to cum more than once with Noel, It was too difficult for us to just do one adventure with him. For that reason, his premiere on VirtualRealGay it was double, but with the same companion: the well gifted European porn actor Manuel Scalco. The first adventure of these two was welcoming 2020 with a fuck so intense in Pre-Party that of course they both included “having multiple thrill orgasms” on their resolution lists. They didn't take long to repeat their exciting encounters, and on the most romantic day of the year they decided to celebrate their love in I Cake You savoring their dicks with whipped cream, and a lot of passion. Each one discovered a way to overcome the chaotic year that was 2020. And Noel's was John Rodriguez's 7.4 inches size cock. They both met while they were working in the Navy, and from that moment they began to live all kinds of adventures on Gay VR Porn. To fulfill that promise they did on the ship, the two met again in a hotel room in commemoration of Armed Forces Day. Needless to say, as soon as they saw each other, they both felt like getting back to fucking their rock hard asses, and touching every point of their erogenous parts in Long Time No See. Part I. During the COVID lockdown, we all discovered talents we did not know that we had. This Spanish brunette, for example, learned a different way to motivate himself when cooking: masturbate his cock until he find inspiration after a dirty cum on The Naked Chef.
Gender Male
Date of birth 08/04/1986
Country Spain
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Brown
Blog / Web
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes

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