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St. Patrick's raid
St. Patrick's raid

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We all have something in common, and in this case it is Bastian Karim. Who hasn't fantasized about fucking his rock hard ass in the reverse cowboy position, or feel his size M cock in the doggy style while you enjoy a video from VR Gay Porn with him? No matter what your fantasy is, in all of them always the protagonist is this Latino gay porn actor. When he decided to move from Bogotá to Spain, he never imagined that his beginnings in the porn business in 2016 would end up being just as successful. But obviously that is what happens when your first scene for the production company Bel Ami Online is a threesome as hot as its participants. In March 2018, this sexy Colombian debuted on Gay VR Porn sharing scene with Czech gay porn actor Jeffrey Lloyd in St. Patrick’s Raid. Although it is true that his wild night led him to an investigation with the head of Police Lloyd, at least he could learn a thing or two about the long arm of Jeffrey's law. It is normal for people to procrastinate at their jobs. Some decide to search slightly suggestive images (SFW, of course), and others like Bastian decide to have fun by masturbating their cocks. He knows he won't be named employee of the month, but at least he will have more than one way to entertain himself while working in Bad Job. Before grabbing your Oculus Quest 2, make sure no one is near you, and join this Latino brunette in virtual reality gay porn.
Gender Male
Date of birth 31/03/1996
Country Colombia
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Brown
Blog / Web
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes

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