25% off in our No Christmas Celebration

Dezember 12, 2019

No Christmas Offer

If your Christmas tree lacks more and more decoration each passing year, you only need a chair for dinner on the Christmas Eve or you can relate to The Grinch, then you meet all the requirements to enjoy the 25% off in our No Christmas Celebration of VirtualRealGay. 

It comes a moment when you start wondering: why buying fancy suits and bottles of champagne? In the end you do the same thing every year. Taking off your shoes, lie on the sofa, get in the mood, grab your oculus go and go on virtual reality sex.

You may feel bad for using the same hand you greeted your auntie with to masturbate. But you’ll be happy to know that, just like you, many subscribers do exactly the same.

Deals in any of our subscription options!

No Christmas Offer

On this occasion, we decided to celebrate all those things we do with the lights off. And we don’t dare to say vox populi: we’d rather stay in enjoying VR Gay Porn than drinking eggnog and listening to jingles. In fact, we’d rather drink it alone.

During the celebration of our fourth anniversary with hotties Leander and Leo Rex we realized the best way to thank you and celebrate the fact that you’ve enjoyed with us lots of our experiences in VR xxx is with a 25% off in our No Christmas Celebration of VirtualRealGay . And, once again, our lifetime subscription.

You may wonder why, and the answer is between your legs. Truth is, no matter if it’s a special date or not, you’ll always find the perfect excuse to enjoy some time for and with you.

That’s why we decided to create the No Christmas of VirtualRealGay. No matter if it’s with our No Christmas Offer  or with our No Christmas Cards to share with your friends the joy of masturbating with no excuses gives.

In the end, the important thing here is enjoying whatever makes you happy. And this is the right place to do it with no kind of guilt.

Merry No Christmas from VirtualRealGay.

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