Stay home and keep safe!

März 17, 2020

You never thought seeing the grass isn’t greener on the other side was going to be such wonderful news. You’ve probably read a lot on internet, saw Instagram stories and heard on the news so without being a doctor, nurse or any kind of health worker you can also contribute to stop the cases of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. How? Staying home and keeping safe!

At VirtualRealHub we are also very conscious about the percentage of people worldwide affected by the spread of this virus. For this reason, we decided to join the cause the World Health Organization (WHO) is carrying out in promoting something as simple, but really effective, as not going out for some beers with your friends.

This time, you will help a lot of people just staying at home, searching something to watch on VirtualRealGay and making magic happen. We want to make your time at home more pleasant and entertaining with an UP to 30% discount in your subscription so you can enjoy all kind of adventures in VR sex while taking care of you and those around you.

We want a change. We need to start at home


We have always protected and take care of all the actors and actresses we work with. And we know under these circumstances it is essential we apply extra hygiene measures to avoid possible infection and spreading of this illness. All this without forgetting our production team of VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealGay, VirtualRealTrans and VirtualRealPassion.

No matter where you are, making the decision of not going to a bar or a basketball match you are helping to promote the #StayHome Campaign.

In any case when you decide to go out, remember:

  • Do not go out (obviously)
  • Wash constantly your hands
  • Cough and sneeze without using your hands (you can use different parts of your body)
  • Keep social distance, at least one meter.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes.
  • And last, but no least: Stay home and keep safe!

Easy steps that will help a lot!

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