VirtualRealGay compatible with Oculus Quest! C’mon check it out!

Mai 24, 2019

Oculus-quest-vr-gay-top (1)

Finally! The revolutionary, long-awaited Oculus Quest is here! The new VR Headset to enjoy all VirtualRealGay content from everywhere on earth. Forget the PC and cables; from now on, you won’t have any excuse, you’ll only need an Oculus Quest, a subscription to VirtualRealPorn and your hands.

All our videos are compatible with Oculus Quest. Simply select the Oculus Quest logo on the right side of the video section and download the video to enjoy it on your standalone.

You can also edit your type of headset from “My account”>>”Edit your profile” and select the kind of device to download the most suitable file and enjoy the best experience in VR you’ve never lived before.


We are very proud of VirtualRealGay, one of our webs which we are very fond of. All its contents are fully compatible with Oculus Quest and ready to offer you the best VR Gay Porn.

Our latest releases have been a sensation among the gay community and we have more good news to be announced which will surely add more followers to this story which goes back to 2015.

Can you imagine having the best muscular guys like Andy Star, Santi Connor among others? just a click away with Oculus Quest? Yes, only with one click!

Join us to the biggest VR Gay community in Virtual Reality!
From $15.95 you will have access to the larguest VR Gay porn catalogue on Internet.


Muscle gay VR sex

Now it’s the time to feel the best immersive experience in VR thanks to one of the headsets which will stir VR market up, and VirtualRealGay is going to be there to offer you the best VR contents with the best quality and best boys in the porn industry.

If you dare to try a different content, you’ll enjoy VirtualRealTrans, the biggest VR catalog with the best trans actresses on the planet.

Do you already know the best Brazilian actresses? They have a reputation for being the most passionate women in the world. Just get your Oculus Quest and filter by Brazilian models:

VirtualRealTrans Brazilian Models

We are as excited as the first day and Oculus Quest is, without a doubt, a great example that VR is still to take off. Who hasn’t watched porn at some point? From VirtualRealPorn we want to invite everyone who has a headset to enjoy one of the most amazing experiences you can live nowadays.

Long life to VR!

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