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Dante Colle (1 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 02/08/1994
Country United States
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Brown
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes
Blog / Web


Like Paradise City, we all want to go back to VR Hotel for a reason: Dante Colle. This American porn actor is one of the most versatile today. Since he started making movies in 2013 he has known how to make the most perfect pussy lickings to different porn actresses; he has demonstrated his rimming skills with countless porn actors; and of course he has done hot anal with the most famous transsexual porn actresses.

So yeah, you can tell that Colle has done it all!

In our second USA Invasion in 2019, we decided to use the excuse that we wanted to celebrate LGTBQ + Pride Month in a big way. It was there that we had the idea to lock up the hottest gay porn actors and transsexual porn actresses in one place, and let your imaginations run wild at VR Hotel.

Different adventures that will make you celebrate sexual desires in any way. The second part of this celebration was carried out by Dante Colle, obviously, and his fella, American porn actor Michael DelRay. If you thought that sequels were boring, and fucking in missionary position was a thing of the past, when you see VR Hotel II you will realize that second parts are hotter, and being on top of Colle feeling his rock hard ass, is the best thing you will never experience on Gay VR Porn.

Scenes featuring Dante Colle

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