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Ken Summers (6 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 21/06/1991
Country Costa Rica
Eyes color Black
Hair color Black
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes
Blog / Web


Even if you have never gone to Costa Rica, surely you have heard of their motto “pura vida” which means something like enjoy each day as if it were your last. This is something that Ken Summers takes every scene he does very seriously. From the solo scenes most exciting even the wettest rimmings you will ever see. Lucky for you, as long as you have your Oculus Quest 2 with you you can imagine his tongue going through your ass.

It is impossible not to fall in love with his beautiful smile, not to get excited seeing his cock size of 7.1 inches, and of course do not stop masturbating fantasizing that you fuck his sweet ass. Of course after seeing his 50+ scenes on gay porn, It is normal that you want more, and that was when we decided to invite him in 2018 to be part of VirtualRealGay. When you think of all the warm welcomings that have been done to you, or have done it sure never crossed your mind to organize one that involved a threesome. That’s what we came up with for this gay Latino’s debut on Gay VR Porn, and we decided to invite blonde hottie Matthew Anders and hunky Viktor Rom to experience the different ways to cum in Scientific Wild Party.

October 2018 was a month to try different facets. Some were made new looks. And others like Summers, decided to stop eating meat and be vegetarians. Obviously this only lasted until Matthew Anders tempted him with an adventure in vr sex on Feed the Macho to give him a taste, well, to his “meat”.

No matter how hard they try, there are people who never stop being meat lovers.
We all have flaws, even this well-gifted Latin brunette. What is Ken Summers’s flaws? Being unpunctual. But, as he says: “It is not to be fashionably late, but arrive Just in Time to enjoy the best of a reverse cowboy with Spanish gay porn actor Angel Cruz“. And the truth is that all your unpunctualities are compensated with a lot of cums.

One of the reasons that makes Ken Summers one of the most wanted in VR Gay Porn are his moves when he is fucking in the top bareback. Despite the fact that the Colombian porn actor Santi Konnor invited him to dinner at Dinner is Served, he couldn’t resist feeling Ken’s penis in the doggy style, not just once but twice! A month after enjoying this sexy Costa Rican, Konnor once again had an adventure with Summers in Outside the Law where in addition to doing a hot striptease, Santi showed him that one last VR Porn adventure for his Bachelor party didn’t hurt.

Ken is obviously extremely talented. Not just in front of the camera and like Male POV, but also playing tennis. For that reason, the latino gay porn actor Angel Cruz wanted to challenge him to a match that ended like the first time they shared a scene on VirtualRealGay with a victorious cum.

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