Solo in VR Gay with Leo Beam

July 23, 2020

Solo in VR Gay

Solo in VR Gay starring by Leo Beam!

Lately things have been quite difficult economically speaking. In spite of cutting down home, shopping or groceries expenses, at the end of the month many people are still struggling with money. Just like some who have found the easy way to make money, Leo Beam decided to break into a house and commit a robbery. Being this his first time with this kind of mischief, he didn’t think about the possibility of being caught. If he wants to walk away from this, he has to show in a very creative and satisfactory way, how much he wants to avoid prison. Let’s say his masturbation will convince you of his innocence and how much fun he has playing with his cock in this VR Gay Porn adventure.

You see yourself as a very comprehensive person. Obviously, the current circumstances have affected everybody in one way or another. So, when you saw Leo on your camera, trying to steal your tv, you decided you would offer him the chance of entertaining you with a VR solo experience in virtual reality gay porn instead of threatening him with a punishment.

While taking his clothes off, he was rubbing his chest going down slowly till reaching his cock, then he started touching it, masturbating, playing with his balls and massaging his butt while licking his fingers to get them into his rock-hard ass. You both were so excited, you couldn’t help but cumming in emotion.

The answer to the problems is not always the one we already know. Sometimes, you need to let your imagination run wild to enjoy an experience in 360 naked gay VR.

Solo in VR Gay with Leo Beam

Solo in VR Gay


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Solo in VR Gay

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