VirtualRealGay reviewed by VRPornMania

February 19, 2019

VirtualRealGay reviewed by VRPornMania.

Getting a third-party perspective always helps! Especially, when it comes from a source who is as equally passionate about VR porn as we are. VR Porn Mania took the time to test our videos and give us a review and rating.

The site is known for creating detailed and meticulous VR porn site reviews. They feature VR porn games review, top VR porn site rankings, VR sex toy reviews and a free library of hot VR porn videos. But it’s their interesting perspective on all things VR porn and analysis that draws the eye.

VRPornMania uses a thorough review and rating system for the sites. The system includes an in-depth inspection of various aspects of a site and offering their critique based on that investigation. The ratings are based on this critique, which is cumulated and averaged as the final rating.

The five parameters used to judge a site are – Content, Visual Quality, Variety, Future, and Site & Extras. Another parameter also finds its way into the review but does not receive a rating. This parameter is Billing (or the price of the subscription). Since the affordability of a subscription can vary from person to person, the site owner found it illogical to include a rating regarding the pricing. What might seem a reasonable price and receive a 5-star rating can also be expensive for another. As a result, it might hamper the fairness and credibility of the review.

VirtualRealGay reviewed by VRPornMania


In content, the reviewer aims to understand the offering and USP of the site, while gauging their content library. Information is also provided on the site’s content quality, overall sexual appeal, and performance of the pornstars. Finally, the duration and length of the videos play a role as well in determining the final rating. In their review for VirtualRealGay, they awarded us a 4.5/5 rating appreciating the teledildonic integration as well the video length and niche variety.

The visual quality section is self-explanatory. The resolution, frames per second, field of view, etc. are passed on to the reader so that they can anticipate the probable visual quality. Additionally, the reviewer also comments on the production values, camera positioning, post-production quality and editing of the videos. The reviewers found VirtualRealGay’s offerings quite impressive.

The variety section talks about the diversity in niches and pornstar variety. Producing different types of videos across a variety of niches requires nous and understanding. But it also requires creativity. Additionally, without a variety of offerings, users might get bored with the same type of content. This has been evident in the past with other sites where the users were stuck with similar content. Similarly, there needs to be diversity in the talent ethnicity and body-type. For variety, the review awarded VRG with 5/5 rating.

The Site and Extras and Future segments look for user experience and investment-worthiness of a site from the user’s point of view. VRPornMania graciously awarded us for being dependable and innovative in our efforts as well as providing a positive user experience.

If you’re looking to read more of the detailed reviews, visit VRPornMania for the whole list of VR porn site tests.


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