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Andy Star (4 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 04/10/1984
Country Brazil
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Black
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes
Blog / Web


In case you don’t know, in Brazil there are two wonders of the world: Christ the Redeemer, and Andy Star. This Brazilian gay porn actor started his career in 2015 for the Bang Bang Boys production company where soon he managed to be one of the most wanted not only on his site but also on the gay porn business world. His height of 1.73 cm, his rock hard ass, his cock size of 7.1 inches, his sculptural body, and his gaze that leads us to imagine thousands of fantasies fucking with him, are some of the reasons why we could not resist having him on Gay VR Porn.

When you are a famous actor like this Latino gay, you know very well the importance to tell you “I love myself”. For that reason, before enjoying his most important night, the Oscars, he decided to show his self love on VirtualRealGay with a solo scene which involved a dildo, a hot shower, and an emotional cumshot on A Magical Place 1.

However, Star knows that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve fame, if it weren’t for his fans. That is why when he met Bairon Hell and Alexis Clark at the hotel, he decided to thank them for their support over the years with a hot threesome at the steamy room at A Magical Place 3.

After his debut on VR Gay Porn in 2019, Andy returned a year later to share scene with the sexy Latino gay Guido Plaza with a double story in Adopt Me!, and The Goodbye, where they showed us that even having a chaotic year like 2020, as long as you have your Oculus Quest 2, and feel like fucking in the doggy style, you will see the bright side of things.

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