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Leander (2 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 07/04/1982
Country Italy
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Red
Penis size M
Blog / Web


Once you go redhead, you never go back. As soon as you see this Aussie Gay Porn Actor you can’t stop fantasizing about his 5.9 Inches size cock, his piercing gaze, his six pack, his rock-hard ass, and of course his sweet smile. It is for these reasons that Leander has not stopped being in the fantasies of many since he started in 2014.

It was not coincidence that his first time in VR was on VirtualRealGay. 5 years after starting his career in the gay porn business he performed a double experience with English gay porn actor Leo Rex who gave him more than one reason to have multiple cums full of emotion.

An occasion like the celebration of our 4th Anniversary deserved some MCs as hot as these two. At Dry My Cocktail, Rex is a guest arriving at the bar where the Gay VR Porn party would be enhanced, and coincidentally worked this sexy redhead. Even though neither of them made it to the party, they both celebrated this day fucking in the cowboy position on the bar.

Before celebrating Christmas, Rex decided to hire the services of Leander, the best personal trainer in vr xxx. Of course, what makes this hot redhead the most requested is his effective method: a fuck so hot that will get you sweaty and fit in just one 41 minute session in Sexual Trainer.

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