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Max Born (5 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 12/08/1983
Country Czech Republic
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Black
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes
Blog / Web


Whenever you search for “Czech gay porn actor” on VirtualRealGay, or rather on any site, you will surely find Max Born on top of the list. Even though most of his videos on VirtualRealGay have been being Male POV is one of the most popular on the site for two reasons: his sculptural body, and his huge penis. What else can we tell you about this sexy European, right?

It all started in October 2018 when we invited one of veterans Gay VR Porn, Logan Moore, to star in a scene that was as hot as fire. So we needed someone who could tolerate that level of temperature, and that’s when Max showed us in Turn Off My Fire all his skills handling the huge hose of this hot blonde.

Just a year later, Dmistry Osten threw a party on Halloween at the Office in which Max Born surprised him not precisely because of his costume but because of his skill fucking in the cowboy position.

It is true that 2020 will be remembered for having been a year completely different, but it will also be remembered for having been the year we gave the welcome to many twinks. Among those, the hot blonde Rick Palmer who couldn’t resist the charms of his roommate, Max Born, and decided to ask him for some company in his room at Caught in the Act.

As if you haven’t seen enough of 2020, Robi Dane and Duncan Sheen decided to celebrate Father’s Day by showing that a stepfather like Max Born more than a tie he deserves a threesome that will make him reach the most pleasant orgasm at My Stepfather and His Celebrations.

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