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Michael DelRay (2 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 05/11/1994
Country United States
Eyes color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Penis size M
Blog / Web


Everybody loves Michael DelRay. At 26 he has managed to be known not only for his nominations for awards like the AVN but also for his 7.9 inches cock size that definitely does not go unnoticed, and satisfies all the fantasies anyone can imagine.

In 2014, this American gay porn actor moved from his hometown in Wisconsin to Las Vegas to start his career in the gay porn business, and to show us all his famous rimmings.

Needless to say, we couldn’t resist this talent, and we invited him to be part of VirtualRealGay.

The perfect occasion came when we decided to go to the United States for the second time to celebrate LGTBQ + Pride Month in our hot and humid experiences of VR Hotel, a place where all sexual desires come true. Of course Michael had to be part of this get together not once but twice!

2019 was the year the Oculus Quest was released, and also when you had the opportunity to see in Gay VR Porn two hotties, Dante Colle and DelRay, doing anal so hot that you ran to Best Buy and bought the Oculus. Like everyone else, that day you saw VR Hotel II on loop.

Two months after his premiere with Colle, Michael returned to VR Gay Porn, this time not like Male POV, but to feel Draven Navarro’s big penis in VR Hotel V. A fuck so exciting that we couldn’t have found a better one way to close our VR Hotel than in this way.

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