VR Gay Doggy

VR Gay doggy with Angel Cruz

September 27, 2018

VR Gay doggy with hot Angel Cruz in Virtual Reality.

We know, there’s no way to get you to change your mind about the good things moves have. Maybe if we tell you that on this new VR Gay Doggy experience, your friend, well gifted Colombian Angel Cruz will give you a hand moving your furniture to your new apartment, you’ll probably run to grab your Oculus Go.

After some physical work, having a break on the sofa is the right thing to do. And, since this is a virtual reality gay porn scene, you know that “a break on the sofa” means this sensual Latin wants to cool his mouth off giving you a blowjob.

However, you can’t forget to return the favour, so, if Angel Cruz still needs more refreshing doing doggy style before going back to work, how could you say no?

You may get even more exhausted after this shag in vr gay doggy porn, but a cumshot in his mouth will give you for sure all the extra energy you need to keep on moving that furniture!

VR Gay doggy with Angel Cruz

VR Gay Doggy


Have a great time with this VR Gay doggy scene. Enjoy it inside your Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality! You can also watch Virtual Reality porn video in 4K 180º FOV for Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear Vr and PSVR. Don’t forget our awesome Binaural Sound and get ready to live an awesome immersive experience in VR!

VR Gay Doggy

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