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Jay Roberts (3 scenes)

Gender Male
Date of birth 10/07/1978
Country Slovakia
Eyes color Brown
Hair color Black
Penis size M
Tattoo Yes


  • Most Passionate Sex (2010). 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards
  • Best Ass (Nominated). The Hookies 2011
  • Best personal website (Nominated). The Hookies 2011
  • .


If you search on Urban Dictionary for the definition of silver fox, you will definitely see Jay Roberts photos. At age of 42, this hottie original from Slovakia has hundred films that show that when it comes to fulfill your sexual fantasies, age is irrelevant.

It is not known when his first film was shot, but what is known is that since he did it has not only been on the list of the hottest European gay porn actors but also those with more experience. Who wouldn’t want to try his cock 6.3 inches size, see his piercing blue eyes as you feel his tongue in your penis, and touch his rock hard ass? Everybody! And of course we had to invite him to make his first video on VR Porn.

When we started the gay porn virtual reality business in 2015, we knew that Roberts must be part of VirtualRealGay. This was how his 2016 debut couldn’t have been better: a rainy day where neither he, nor Jessy Ares, nor Nathan Raider knew what to do to entertain themselves in the house. His solution? Make a threesome which gave them 27 minutes to distract themselves on Rainy Day.

As usual, before starting the year you put on your list of resolutions “get in shape.” In January 2017 Jay Roberts had everything to achieve his goal of having his dream body: his PSVR Porn, a hunky personal trainer like Nathan Raider, and really wanting to train his big muscle in Workout Motivation.

After doing the cowboy position as training on the first day, Roberts had more than one reason to come back the next day.

Just as the hottest month of the year began, Jay further increased the temperature in our VR gay porn series: Shake It Up! You have already seen him in a threesome, in a sweaty BB, and now it was time for a private get together in a solo scene.

Shake It Up! Terrace, is the third and last part of this series, where Jay Roberts showed us that the best way to beat the heat is by connecting the Oculus, logging into VirtualRealGay, and letting your hands explore each part of your erogenous points.

Definitely the best way to spend a “me time”, and continue enjoying VR Gay Porn.

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